Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It? The Ultimate Review

Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It? The Ultimate Review

The 2020 Omega and Titan chairs are a real breakthrough. This year’s new 2022 model combines the best features of the two, an amazing update to the previous model. The bottom line Titan Gaming Chair 2020 updated by SecretLabs is still great, with some iterative updates and a longer warranty period. Considering that last year’s chair was a few steps ahead of the competition in terms of quality, it is no surprise that SecretLab 2020 Titan is now our editor’s choice. Last year, SecretLab’s chairs were clearly outstanding in design and materials, which left a deep impression on us. The Titan chair won our editor’s choice for its soft, durable synthetic leather and thick cushions.

Secretlab has also updated the entire range of chairs with the 2020 release. Today I wanted to hit the road again and share with you my experience of sitting in the Secretlab Titan gaming chair.

It is slightly wider and larger than the previous model for more comfort and space. The new TITAN Evo features a four-way adjustable lumbar support built into the seat itself and can be adjusted in height and depth for maximum comfort.

Like all Secretlab models, this chair has 4D armrests that can be moved up and down, forward, backward, left, right, side to side or even side to side. The standard maximum tilt of 165 degrees is common enough, but the chair supports seat tilt locking like other high-end gaming chairs. When you want to work in a highly reclined posture, the seat tilt lock is very useful and can tilt your entire body upward, not just tilt your back like on a zero-gravity chair.

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Having multiple ways to adjust the chair means you can fit your body exactly, helping you sit more comfortably and ergonomically. Likewise, Secretlab added a slight bend to the base of the seat, which it says should support you in a healthy sitting position.

The interior is very durable-the seat is very similar to the driver’s seat of an expensive sports car. This is a powerful support cushion that passes completely through the headrest and the side of the seat back and seat. Unlike many gaming chairs (including the SecretLabs Omega series), Titan has a handle on the right side of the backrest instead of an extra flat cushion like many gaming chairs. The seat is filled with dense foam to ensure stability and comfort.

This genuine leather is the best choice, but it doesn’t make these chairs twice as comfortable as those upholstered in faux leather. But there are a lot of such chairs, and not all companies place great emphasis on comfort or durability.

It was founded in 2014 by former esports athletes Alaric Chu and Ian Ang, and the company quickly earned a reputation for quality using the finest materials and offering a decent warranty (three years, but renewable to five years for $ 50 or via social about your chair). It’s a surprisingly comfortable chair for long periods of work or play, and smart new features like the magnetic headrest make it a cut above the rest.

Secretlab Titan is a high-quality gaming chair with first-class construction quality, adjustability, comfort, multiple designs and multiple sizes. Titan is indeed a high-quality chair, with the characteristics of quality of workmanship, refinement and comfort, which will not only attract gamers, but also anyone who is looking for a high-end ergonomic office chair with a durable reclining mechanism. Omega is the smallest of the three seats, Titan is the middle seat, and Secretlab’s large gaming chair Titan XL is Titan XL. Omega is the smallest chair, Titan is the mid-range chair, and Titan XL is Secretlab’s large gaming chair.

Secretlab chairs are worth your while, thanks to their extensive customization options and minimalist look. Secretlab gaming chairs pay off when you opt for the basic leatherette. Secretlab Softweave Fabric gaming chairs will likely last longer and cost a little more, but still worth it if you want to play with them for at least 5-6 years. I personally have not sat on either the Softweave armchair or the genuine Napa leather chairs, and both are more expensive than the faux leather versions, but if you want to avoid using faux leather, Secretlab offers alternatives.

We were impressed with the previous SecretLabs polyurethane (PU) leather on Titan, which is already more elastic and durable than the PU leather used in most other gaming chairs we tested.

For the purposes of this review, SecretLab sent us a review of the Titan chair with standard leatherette option, so full disclosure is here. Again, Secretlab sent me this chair for review, and if you follow the links in this guide and end up buying the Titan, I get an affiliate commission.

But you can always go directly to and find a chair there. The material, as I said, is the best. After I finally assemble the chair, all I want to do is sit back. Our OMEGA model is equipped with Secretlabs’ patented SoftWeave fabric. After trying for half a month, I can say that I prefer ordinary leather upholstered chairs. Unlike my latter material chair, Omega’s SoftWeave fabric makes me feel cooler, even though I sometimes sit there for more than 12 hours.

It would have been nice if Secretlab also included an external lumbar pad to cover the gamete. On the other hand, the pass-through holes at the top of the chair provide excellent retention of the included neck pillow, and the chair’s design makes this pillow more practical than the Omegas, with a more pronounced curvature on the back of the chair. Taller people need a higher backrest to fully support the head, neck and shoulders, while smaller people are better suited to a smaller seat designed for targeted support.

Office chairs usually weigh about 25-35 pounds-Secretlab Omega weighs 66 pounds, while Anda Fnatic, which we will discuss in the next section, weighs 72 pounds. They are designed to provide maximum comfort and ergonomic support when extending the seat, and are usually designed to support people who are larger and heavier than office chairs. Their feelings, their appearance and their stable structure recommend them to play.

After looking at dozens of different brands of gaming chairs, the question of whether the SecretLab series of chairs is worth buying has appeared time and time again. This Secretlab review looks at why these chairs are worth the money, and several disadvantages that need to be considered at this level (this may not be a question of cheap gaming chair replacements).

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